About us

     A pioneer in the plastic industry and one of the leading manufacture of moulded furniture, by describing elegance at its bestand adding that special touch of perfection to make our products more unique in design and durability.

    Since its joint venture with Nilkamal and Eswaran Brothers in 1999, Nilkamal brand has expanded its vast range of products of moulded furniture making it an icon and establishing as the preferred chose in the Sri Lankan industry. It is our attentiveness to finer details and continuous quest for improvement of quality, design and style that has brought up today‚Äôs demands especially in the Corporate Sector. Signature products that are not only elegant in design but durable and most importantly it is environmental friendly.

For more than 62 years of achievement in bringing these unique product range from moulded household and office furniture to the industrial material-handling solutions which have been a distinctive choice over several other products both in India and all over the globe. All our products are re-cycleable and we full support and endure all measures taken to protect our planet.